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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Don’t Lightning Rods Actually Attract Lightning?

No. In the event of a strike, a protection system simply creates a pre-determined path of low resistance to ground, facilitating a harmless discharge of the lightning strike.

Q. Our Building Is Grounded. Doesn't That Protect Us?

No. A house is grounded to assure the electrical system works safely; however, this electrical ground is not intended to prevent lightning damage. Lightning systems have their own separate grounds.

Q. Our Antenna Is Grounded. Doesn't That Protect Us?

No. An antenna is not designed to handle a lightning strike and, instead, allows dangerous current to enter the home.

Q. Don’t Our Trees Protect Our Building?

No. Many times after trees are struck, the lightning side flashes to the house.

Q. The Building Next Door Has Rods, So I’m Protected.

No. Per UL and NFPA Standards, lightning rods cannot be further apart than 20 feet on any protected structure. So, any object further than 10 feet away from the protected structure, will be exposed to a lightning strike.

Q. Can’t We Install Our Own Lightning Protection?

No. An improperly-installed system may be dangerous. Lightning protection is a very specialized industry requiring trained and licensed technicians. A proper system takes into account your home’s design, construction, electrical components, soil conditions, location and more.

Q. Won’t It Ruin The Aesthetics Of Our Building?

No. The system can be concealed within the walls during the construction stage. For existing homes or businesses, conductors can be semi-concealed.

Q. I Have Surge Protectors Inside My Home. Will I still Need Lightning Rods?

Yes. Surge protectors only protect you from indirect lightning strikes coming in on utility lines. Lightning rods however, protect you from a direct lightning strike and from those dangerous charges penetrating through to the inside of the house.

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