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What are our customers saying about us?

"I would like to express my gratitude and recommendation for Classic Lightning Protection for the lightning protection that was installed on my residence up in Overgaard, Arizona. We have three structures: multi-level home, a detached garage and an observatory. Classic Lightning installed protection on all 3 of these buildings. The observatory was a particular challenge due to the domed roof structure. This was accomplished using a rod that was placed on a custom manufactured tower.

The installation was completed in the fall of 2013. This turned out to be a very fortuitous time to complete this as in July of the following year; we had an enormous strike hit our garage. My son was inside the building at the time and had we not had the protection at a minimum I know we would have had a fire and at worse, since all of our heating was from propane, we could have had an explosion. Because of the protection this was all prevented. The very next month we had at least two more hits that I can verify as we were present; one to the home and the other to the observatory. None of these resulted in any damage to the structures.

Kevin Morris and his crew are very competent and do a professional job from the initial consultation to the completion of the job and even follow-up later on. I'm an electrical engineer by trade so I know a bit more about electricity than the standard consumer. I can say, unequivocally, that Classic Lightning Protection fully understands lightning and how to protect your home and buildings against lightning strikes. I recommend them highly."

Phil Hoppes, Overgaard, AZ

"As we sit in our house in the middle of this thunder and lightning storm, we are very grateful to you for getting our house protected before the monsoons landed on us. The neighbors have spoken highly of you and the work you do and we agree with them!"

Jeff & Belle Brown, Payson, AZ

"Thank you! You do a great job and we appreciate your willingness to make the job not only functional but look great too!"

Iain & Peggy Campbell, Payson, AZ

"Classic Lightning Protection, Inc. has been a subcontractor on frequent projects for Lollar Electric, LLC in northern Arizona and have performed in a professional manner, as well as completing projects in a timely fashion. There have been no negative issues with Classic Lightning Protection employees and they have proven to be dependable in the quality of work they perform."

Kevin Lollar Electric, LLC, Prescott, AZ

"Kevin is fully knowledgeable to design and install surge arresters, lightning rods, and grounding systems as prescribed by the standards of NFPA, UL, and LPI. If you are contemplating installing a lightning protection system, you can put your confidence in Kevin and Classic Lightning Protection to provide you with the most complete and cost effective installation. I recommend him to you as a young man of honesty and dependability with the skills needed to provide you with the most complete and cost effective installation."

Gil Paquette, CMID, (the former Automatic Lightning Protection)

"I founded and own SRJ Homes in the Rim Country of Payson, AZ. 'Dedicated to excellence' is our motto when building our custom homes, and I also expect excellence in the subcontractors I use. Kevin has shown professionalism in all aspects of his work along with excellent rapport with my clients, in that, Kevin will always follow-up and makes himself available to answer my questions and service my clients in a timely manner. He shows attention to all detail, is dependable to arrive at the job site on time, and is concerned as to how his work is viewed by my clients. These are strong traits that I appreciate in Kevin and Classic Lightning Protection that I do not normally find in other subcontractors. I would not hesitate to continue to use Kevin and Classic Lightning Protection in the future."

Stephen R. Johnson, SRJ Homes, Inc., Payson, AZ

"We have found Mr. Morris to be a man of his word. His workmanship was professional in all respects and according to Underwriters Laboratories' recommendations, materials, and quality. I was very satisfied with the installation."

Ben Brunner, Payson, AZ

“...We have used many lightning protection contractors and have found this firm to be one of the finest and professional. Classic Lightning had performed exceptionally well for us on past projects...when the opportunity came up to use them (again), we were very pleased to have them on our team. We will be using their firm again on our future projects and highly recommend them to anyone that may be considering them.”

Nichols/Howard Electric, Inc.

"I have to say, this turned out better than I expected when they (your workers) first started. I thought it would be really ugly and stand out, but your crew did a good job of hiding what they could and putting the cables in reasonable places. I was also impressed with the amount of digging they did to bury the copper plates and then returning the area to the same condition. They had to dig in my gravel and rock borders around the house and once they were finished I really couldn't tell they had been there. They were both mindful of my animals as well as the wildlife and really were respectful of my home. And one more thing that probably only a woman would notice. Since they were here three days, they, of course, used my guest bathroom. I was really impressed with how clean they kept it (read between the lines). I've had other contractors here and usually when they leave, I feel like I'm cleaning the bathroom at a frat house. Your workers were very considerate. It was very much appreciated. Bottom line, they really earned their salary on this job. If you need a reference in this area or someone wants to see what this looks like installed, give me a call."

Maggie McConnell, Prescott, AZ

“We have been very excited to make Kevin a strong part of our design-build team, especially when it comes to our specialty projects. We would highly recommend the services that Kevin’s company can provide and feel very strongly that they will be an asset to any projects that they are given the opportunity to complete.”

Desert View Electric, Inc.

“I have used the services of CLP, and can attest to Kevin’s quality of workmanship and attention to detail. Kevin is professional, communicates effectively and has met my expectations.”

The EAM Group, Inc.

"You are fabulous, thank you very much. As always you are incredibly reliable."

Banner Health Development and Construction

“Kevin’s work is exemplary. He is honest and conscientious in both his work and personal life. Therefore, I highly recommend him to anyone who wants excellent professional work done…”

John J. McKain, Payson, AZ

“It is pouring outside and thunder and lightning are intense and fierce-and guess what? Thanks to you guys, I am actually enjoying it. What peace of mind you have given me. I can sit here unafraid and marvel at God’s might and power.”

Sue Devine, Chevlon Ranch, AZ

“...our house was hit by lightning, causing damage (and) I called Kevin and he came promptly to our house, surveyed the damage and gave us a very accurate estimate. He completed the job in a timely manner to our complete satisfaction. We have had many storms since, and have had no problems.”

Lud and Marian Kaftan, Payson, AZ

"As some of you may have heard, we (the house) had the misfortune of being struck by lightning not once but twice this monsoon season!

Fortunately, we are all OK! The lightning struck our stove pipe and marble hearth, twice, about 1 month apart! It did physical damage to our home as well as psychological damage to us and to our dogs! It was the loudest, strangest, most unpredictable, and most terrifying event of my 40 years of life, and I vowed at that instant (after I finished praying) to never go through that again!

We hired Classic Lightning Protection, an experienced and well-qualified outfit out of Payson, Arizona. I asked them to come as soon as they could! Here we are just 2 days later and we have a completed system INSTALLED! They protect tons of residential, commercial, and government structures in AZ. President Kevin Morris and Head Installer Jon were very professional, and knowledgeable. They did a great job and restored our "SAFE HAVEN" to us!

When Kevin and Jon left, they went to see our neighbor's home, to offer a quote to them. Their home is still under construction. While measuring their roof, they found a lightning-strike hole that was recent! It turns out that lightning protection really is important to have in our region!

*Some of the many myths that were dispelled by Kevin and Jon include:

"My neighbor has lightning protection so my home is safe"
"Lightning travels down from the clouds to the earth"
"Lightning never strikes the same place twice"
"People are safe inside their home during a thunderstorm even if they do not have a lightning protection system"
"Lightning always strikes the highest point on a structure"
"My home has never been struck, so I am safe"
"Lightning rods attract more lightning strikes"

Remember, nature cannot be controlled or negotiated with. Nature is not out to get us. Respect her. NATURE IS AWESOME.

Thank you again for a job very well done. You and Jon exceeded our expectations! Needless to say we will be recommending you to everyone we know. Please feel free to use my praise as a testimonial, and my name and number as a happy customer reference!

Classic Lightning is _THE BEST_! Best Wishes and God Bless You."

James Jaunakais and Family, St. Johns, AZ


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