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Dangerous power surges happen all year around.

Nearly every electrical device and appliance in today’s homes use sensitive solid-state components. Although you are not aware of it, there are hundreds of very short duration 1,000 plus-volt surges in a typical home’s wiring every day. Some get as high as 5,000 volts.

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Even if none of the voltage surges are strong enough to destroy the electronic components, these frequent smaller surges can slowly break down wiring insulation. This causes premature device failure or faulty operation.

Your small plug-in (point-of-use) surge arresters do not provide adequate protection. Furthermore, there are appliances (heating and A/C, etc.) which cannot be protected with these simple plug-in arresters. Also, damage caused to electrical equipment can come in as a result of an “indirect” strike to the utility lines or pole even as far away as a couple of miles and follow these wires into your home. It makes little difference whether you have underground or overhead utility wires. The lightning charges will follow these wires into your home.

Studies show that your appliances will last up to 30%
longer if you have surge protection installed.

Protect your home with the Classic Whole-House
Lightning and Surge Suppression Package.

Whole-House Surge Protection Package Includes:

Lightning Pole
One Electric Arrester installed on your main electric panel (200 Amp Service). This will protect ALL in-house OUTLETS, APPLIANCES and WIRING. Rated at 100,000 Surge Amps. LIFETIME WARRANTY (unit only).
One Telephone Line Suppresser will protect your Alarm system, Answering machine, Fax, Computer, Phones. Up to 2 phone numbers (Additional phone numbers extra). LIFETIME WARRANTY (unit only).
Two Cable TV / Satellite Suppressors will protect your TV, VCR, or Dish Receiver. LIFETIME WARRANTY (unit only). Studies show your appliances will last up to 30% longer. Call for price.

Main Gate

This current surge suppression technology has been found to greatly minimize the possibility of wiring system flashover and resulting fire and injury. It shall, however, be noted that lightning is a powerful phenomenon, which may exceed the capabilities of the surge suppression equipment alone, or enter through unpredictable and unanticipated paths. With this in mind, there can be no absolute guarantee against damage to connected equipment.

We suggest that both, the surge suppression package and the lightning rods be installed, as they work together to provide a complete package that UL rates at 99% effective in preventing lightning damage.

Lightning Protection:

There are two components to a complete lightning protection system.

1. Lightning Rods and Grounding to protect the structure from a direct lightning strike and subsequent damage to componentry and personal injury.

2. Whole-house surge protection (electric, phone, cable/satellite) to protect from an indirect lightning strike or an electrical power surge coming in through the utility lines.

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Some of the Residential Lightning Protection Projects we have done include:

Schultz Development Silverleaf (20,000 sf estate, Scottsdale, AZ)
Legacy Lodge– Heber, AZ (23,000 s.f. Pioneer Log Homes, Canada)
La Casa Builders, Inc. (12,000 s.f. DC Ranch/Desert Highlands, Scottsdale, AZ)
Many homes in exclusive gated communities of Chaparral Pines and The Rim Club - Payson, AZ
Countless custom and ordinary homes throughout Arizona

History of Lightning Rods:

Invented in 1752 by Benjamin Franklin, and still referred to as, “The Franklin Rod,” lightning protection systems are made from materials that conduct electricity easily. You can find the story of Franklin's lightning rod at the Franklin Institute.

A lightning rod system works by providing a pre-determined path of low resistance to the ground which discharges the stroke quickly and harmlessly. A lightning protection system is so effective at dissipating the stroke to ground that occupants in the protected building are often unaware that the building has even been struck.

We offer various styles of
Lightning Rods for Your Home

Lightning Rods and Surge Suppressers work together, and both should be installed to form a complete protection package. (UL rates a lightning protection system 99% effective in preventing lightning damage).

Schultz Development Silverleaf

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