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1.1. Objective: To provide safety for the building and occupants by eliminating damage to the entire structure caused by lightning, surges and other related occurrences. These specifications apply to Class 1 Type Structures (Buildings below 75 feet in height) as defined by the standards listed below.

1.2. Standards: The following specifications and standards are part of this specification:

A. Underwriters Laboratories, LLC, (UL)
Installation Requirements for Lightning Protection Systems, UL 96A

B. Underwriters Laboratories, LLC, (UL)
Lightning Protection Components, UL 96

C. National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA)
Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems, NFPA 780

D. Lightning Protection Institute, (LPI)
LPI Standard of Practice, LPI-175

1.3. System Design: The work covered under this section of the specifications consists of furnishing labor, materials and services required for the completion of a functional and inconspicuous as practical lightning protection system (LPS) approved by the architect and owner. The design of this system is to be in strict accordance with this section of the specifications.

1.4. Post Installation Submittals: Complete design as-built drawings showing final location of all grounding, roof conductors, down conductors and air terminals shall be submitted to the architect at the completion of the work.

1.5. Quality Assurance: The LPS shall conform to the requirements and standards for LPS(s) in accordance with UL, NFPA and LPI. Upon completion of the installation, application shall be made to the Underwriters Laboratories, LLC for issuance of the UL Master Label Certification. Upon receipt of the UL Master Label Certification from Underwriters Laboratories, said document will be presented to the owner or the owner’s representative.


2.1 Standard: The system furnished under this specification shall be the standard product of a manufacturer regularly engaged in the production of lightning protection equipment and shall be the manufacturer’s latest approved design. All equipment shall be UL listed and properly UL labeled. All equipment shall be new (except for the existing verified correct LPS components if being reused), and of a design and construction to suit the application where it is to be used in accordance with accepted industry standards and in accordance with UL, NFPA and LPI requirements.

2.2 Equipment: Provide and install a complete LPS in compliance with the specifications and standards of the most current editions of the UL-96A, NFPA-780 and LPI-175. The system shall be installed by a lightning protection contractor who is listed by the Underwriters Laboratories, LLC and a Lightning Protection Institute Certified Master Installer/Designer.

MANUFACTURER: Independent Protection Co., Inc. – Goshen, Indiana
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INSTALLER: Classic Lightning Protection, Inc. - Payson, Arizona
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2.3 Materials: All lightning protection materials and components shall comply in weight, size and composition with UL 96, NFPA-780 and LPI-175 lightning protection material requirements for this type of structure. All materials shall be copper/bronze or aluminum. Aluminum components shall be used in locations where system components are mounted to aluminum, galvanized or galvalum surfaces to avoid galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals. All bolts, nails and screws are to be stainless steel. Class 1 materials shall be used on structures not more than 75 feet in height. Class 2 materials shall be used on structures exceeding 75 feet in height.

Minimum new material requirements for Class 1 structures are as follows:

Copper Conductor: IPC #32S, No. 2 Size, 215 pounds per 1000’, 32 strand of 17 gauge wire, 65,600 circular mils.

Copper Air Terminals: IPC #330B, 3/8” diameter by 24” long solid copper.

Aluminum Conductor: IPC #A28, No. 1/0 Size, 130 pounds per 1000’, 28 strand of 14 gauge wire, 115,080 circular mils.

Aluminum Air Terminals: IPC #A331B, 1/2” diameter by 24" long solid aluminum.

Grounding Electrodes: IPC #579, 3/4” x 10’ long copperweld rod or IPC #589 18" x 18" 20 gauge copper plate.

Fittings and Fasteners: In accordance with the standards (ie IPC #A297A, 297A, A41P, MA175, G67, AG67, 121A, A121A, 265A, A265A, 306A, 306B, etc.)


3.1 Installation: An experienced installation company with at least 8 years of documented inspections and certifications that is listed with Underwriters Laboratories for lightning protection installations. A Lightning Protection Institute Certified Master Installer/Designer shall directly supervise the installation to accomplish its completion. All equipment shall be installed in a neat, workmanlike manner. The system shall consist of a complete network of conductor cables at the roof and include air terminals, connectors, splicers, appropriate bonding, down lead cables and proper ground terminals.

3.2 Coordination: The lightning protection contractor will work with other trade contractors to ensure a correct, neat and inconspicuous as practical installation. It shall be the responsibility of the lightning protection contractor to assure a proper common bond to the appropriate grounded utilities; such as the electric service ground, incoming water and gas pipe, etc.

Note: The roofing contractor will be responsible for any appropriate sacrificial pads or slip sheets to be attached to the roofing membrane areas for the lightning protection contractor to adhere material to as to satisfy the roof manufacturer’s requirements. The Lightning Protection roof method of conductor attachment in these membrane areas will be accomplished with the sealant product M1 by Chemlink and will be provided by the lightning protection contractor.

3.3 Inspection and Certification: Upon completion of the installation, the contractor shall furnish the Master Label Certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories, LLC for this system. If the existing structure does have a LPS, the contractor shall advise the Owner of any additional work required on the existing system to achieve compliance with current UL Master Label requirements.


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